Saunas in a barrel

We produce saunas in a barrel that have recently become very popular. We would like to offer you a bath standing out among the others with their unusual appearance. Such baths would make a perfect decoration for any yard.

You can place them even in where it would be difficult to build a usual bath. These baths are practical, use little wood, do not require complicated service.

Standard set:

  • diameter of a sauna in a barrel ~2, 20 meters;
  • length of a sauna in a barrel: minimum length – 2 meters, maximum length – 6 meters;
  • wood used for a sauna in a barrel – spruce or larch;
  • thickness of walls of a sauna in a barrel – 40 mm;
  • stainless steel hoops 2-5 pcs.;
  • from inside a sauna in a barrel may be covered with aspen, lime, common alder lining; 
  • benches – you can choose from aspen or common alder, or lime;
  • wooden paths inside;
  • internal doors to the sauna are made of glass; entrance doors – wooden with glass;
  • to place a sauna in a barrel on a base – 2-4 tray stands;
  • a sauna in a barrew may be painted any colour at your choice;
  • the roof cover – shringle;
  • roof may be heat insulated;
  • saunas are supplied with electric installation inside;
  • furnace with internal fire chamber Harvia M3;